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We are a plant based food company that MAKES DELICIOUS ready to cook PLANT BASED ingredients for everyday cooking.

We want to encourage people to choose more sustainable foods, while continuing to eat what they love.

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Ready to cook

PLant based protein

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a tastier and Healthier alternative to meat and paneer in your everyday cooking

Our Philosophy
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firm but not chewy

meatier & chewier 

Wondering how to add  healthy and tasty dose of protein without adding much fat?

Love gorging on meat but worried about your health ?

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why evolved protein


high in protein

low carbs

Complete protein

low fat

 no trans fat 


no cholesterol



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healthier Planet.

14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is also one of the leading causes of deforestation, loss of biodiversity and water pollution. Our endeavor is to leave a healthier planet for current and future generations. Our process uses significantly less natural resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

healthier you.


plant based proteins by Evolved Foods are a healthier, tastier alternative to paneer and chicken. It provides the same amount of protein as animal products but with lower fat percentage and higher fiber content. Our product allows you to relish your favorite dishes in a delicious, healthy and nutritious way.

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